Wired to wireless

The onset of smartphones, took the music system for a smarter upgrade. We could store loads of songs, videos, mp3 files in mobile. Now listening to them in your car is also as simple as that.

After the MP3, wireless communications were in full bloom. Usage of wires were limited and led to hands-free invention, Bluetooth.

Every car stereo system has a USB port, or has Bluetooth options. By sharing and connecting your mobile Bluetooth to the provided car’s Bluetooth, one gets all your songs played in your car online autoradio gps audi. Not just music, this feature also enables the car driver to make calls from his mobile, without having to reach out for his phone.

This feature made car commuting lot easier. Making calls, sending voice messages, listening to music, navigating, everything came at the fingertip, with the new inventions and technology. Car has become a symbol of luxury with all these features. Travelling is more fun and entertaining.